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RG3 Says He Still Wants To Compete In the Olympics


Bog - Robert Griffin III has talked before about how much he wanted to represent the United States in the Olympics. My colleague Dave Sheinin wrote about that at length in his book, “RG3: The Promise,” in a section about Griffin running track his freshman year at Baylor. “The only choice [coaches] had, really, was to let Griffin compete at the Trials — with each football coach having to decide privately and individually the degree to which he was rooting for the kid to qualify, or not, for Beijing…” Sheinin wrote. “Was he a track athlete who also played football, or a football player who also ran track? It was getting harder to distinguish.” The situation has obviously changed since then — a Heisman Trophy, a huge NFL contract, and endorsement deals with every company in the United States will do that. But Griffin hasn’t stopped dreaming. Which brings me to the latest video about Griffin and his family released via USAA. The video came out last week, and the timing maybe wasn’t ideal, what with Redskins fans panicking over the current season and not giving much thought to the 2020 badminton trials. “My dream is to be in the Olympics and represent the United States of America,” Griffin says in the video. “So [as a teenager] I was preparing for my dream…I would definitely want to still fulfill my dream of going to the Olympics. Someway, somehow. Maybe it’s track, maybe it’s badminton, maybe it’s ping pong. I’ll find a way to get to the Olympics.”


Hey Robert, not everything in this world has to be all about you. The entire offseason was you and your dad publicly fighting with the Shanahans. Non-stop chirping. And now in the midst of a spectacular failure of a season, you want to talk about running track in the olympics? I’m not even sure you can make a high school track team at this point, friendo. Your knee is being held together by a piece of thread and duct tape. The next heavy gust of wind could have you on the IR. So let’s just take it easy on the making the olympic ping pong team, and focus more on learning how to read a cover 2.