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A&M Is Not Falling For UT's "You Up?" Text. Classic Break Up 101.

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There is nothing like rivalries in college football. Whether it’s Auburn/Alabama, Ohio State/Michigan, USC/UCLA, etc. They never disappoint. And these people really fucking hate each other.

It literally can come down to life and death. (Not great)

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Growing up in an Aggie household, I experienced one of those rivalries every single year. My dad went to A&M, my uncle went to Texas. Thanksgiving was always fun. (Except A&M usually lost and that was zero fun, sir.) If you’ve never been to a big time college football rivalry game, you’re missing out.

A little history lesson: Texas A&M and Texas started playing each other in 1894. Literally the 1800s. That’s insane. It ended in 2011 when A&M went to the SEC (and anyone who says that was a dumb move is an idiot).

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Texas took the W in that final game 27-25 when current Ravens kicker Justin Tucker nailed a last second FG.

And some UT fans still hold on to it like they won they overcame a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl or something.


Yes, that’s a real tweet I got when I was actually complimenting something Longhorn related last week. I have no idea why that would still upset me, because A&M is in the far superior conference now. But whatever.

When A&M moved to the SEC, it was reported that they asked UT if they wanted to keep the rivalry going. They declined. Now, years later, A&M is now the one declining the request.

Per the Houston Chronicle… UT’s AD offered a home-and-home series in 2022-2023. A&M’s AD declined saying “we’re already booked.”

What a power move.

Some may say that this is A&M running from Texas. That’s false. This is just a classic relationship analogy.

You know that smoke show ex that you were with for a long time? You always looked forward to seeing them and it was always really fun? Sure you fought. Things got heated. But it was the highest highs and lowest lows.

Yep, we all have them.

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But then it all ended. For a reason. You saw greener grass elsewhere. BUT you still try to maintain a civil relationship even though you’re not together anymore, but your ex doesn’t want to hear your shit.

Then a couple years later, that ex hits you with the “you up?” text. You start thinking that maaaaybe another night with them might be fun. I mean they were hot!! Is the sex still as good? Can we rekindle that spark? You know it could be a good time, but you REALLY know that jumping back in bed with a disgruntled ex that soon is never a good idea. They must have an ulterior motive. So, you go against your urges.

“We’re booked 10 years out. He had an opening at the time, and it suited him, but it didn’t suit us.” – A&M AD Scott Woodard

Sorry for their bad luck, but you have better shit to do (for the next 10 years). Maybe down the road after you’ve both grown up and the hatred from the break up has worn off, it would be a good idea to reunite. I mean, there were some great memories for both of you! Time has healed the wounds!

But not now. They have everything to gain, you have everything to lose. You’ve moved on to better.

Insert A&M and Texas.

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Why would A&M jump back in the sack with the Longhorns after they originally refused to play them after 2011?? Texas could gain clout by beating a middle of the road SEC team, sure. But the Aggies don’t need Texas anymore. They play the big boys now…. with more than “some” elite players.


Sure A&M isn’t an SEC powerhouse yet, but that “little brother” stigma is long, long gone.

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Moral of the story: Don’t smash an ex too soon. It might be awesome in the short-term, but in the long-term it’s a bad idea. They need you more than you need them.

Long live college football.