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Is This Korean Taekwondo Team The Greatest Group Of Athletes Ever Assembled? The Answer Is Yes


Anybody who has ever seen “Beverly Hills Ninja” know that the GOATs are Haru and Gobei. They were generational talents, first ballot Hall of Famers. But that was over 20 years ago. And now a new age of GOATs have emerged and holy goddamn shit how is any of this possible without CGI?

Team work makes the dream work.

When you’re trying to win an argument with your girl.

What in the fucking fuck?

This is how I know we’re fucked. Here in America we hand out blackbelts like they’re going out of style. Did you punch a block of wood one time? Good enough for us, here’s your black belt. Meanwhile in Korea you’ve got full blown ninjas jumping 20 feet in the air taking out 5 different blocks mid-backflip. They’re cultivating Olympic gold medal gymnasts and they’re using them for destruction. How do we compete with that? I guess guns and everything but I don’t know. I feel like every movie I’ve ever seen tells me that bullets are easily dodged by karate moves. So I, for one, welcome our new Korean overlords with open arms. I know we have our fair share of elite athletes here in the US of A. But until we start seeing guys like Antonio Brown using his O-line as a human ramp to jump 20 feet into the air to snag a touchdown, the Koreans are winning this one.