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Tiger Woods Has Been Spending His Off Time Talking To Tony Romo And Refusing To Let His Kids Beat Him At Putting


Yahoo!- He tells an anecdote about almost losing a putting contest to his five-year-old son while on vacation in the Bahamas. He refuses to let his kids win:

“I have my greens running about 13 on the Stimpmeter every day, so your feel has to be a little better. When we were in the Bahamas, the greens were much slower and he almost beat me. If Sam and Charlie beat me, they’re going to earn it. That’s how Pop was with me, and I think that’s how it should be.”

The other good tidbits from the post.

1. He stopped watching the Masters on Sunday after Freddy Couples fell out of contention.

2. He didn’t mourn for the Eisenhower Tree because he hits it so far: “Guys who hit the ball as long as I do didn’t really worry about the tree.”

3. He has been talking to Tony Romo, who has the same back surgery as him last winter.

So Tiger Woods published a blog post today updating everybody what the hell he’s been doing recently since he’s been injured.  Golf sucks without Tiger and I’m a huge fan of his so I’m happy to see he’s still the same old cocky asshole even though he hasn’t won a major in a billion years.  You gotta love that quote about the Eisenhower Tree.  The channels that broadcast the Masters this year devoted about 40% of air time to mourning that damn tree.  They couldn’t stop talking about it.  How it was a pinnacle of golf, how it was one of the most recognizable things in the sport and now its gone and we’re sad blah blah blah.  I’m pretty sure Jim Nantz read a eulogy for that tree on at least 15 different occasions on TV.  How does Tiger feel about it?  He doesn’t give a fuck.  The way he responded in that blog it half sounded like he wanted to say, “What tree?  Oh you mean that monstrosity that I never have to deal with because I pipe it down the fairway right past it?”  His response to the Eisenhower Tree is one for the ages.


And that stuff about not letting his kids beat him in putting?  Gold.  Pure gold.  The definition of anti-pussification of America.  That’s the Michael Jordan/cut throat gene through and through that everybody talks about.  Win at all costs.  Not everybody gets a trophy, not even Tiger Woods’ wealthy kids.  You want to feel the joy and satisfaction of victory?  Well then you have to beat the best golfer to ever live.  No handouts.  That’s America.  And of course that’s how his Dad was with him.  You don’t win your first green jacket by 12 strokes at the age of 21 if your Dad gave you a gold star every time you wiped your ass.

PS- Stop talking to Romo, Tiger.  Just stop.  I’d rather he go on more of those weird foursome dates with Elin than talk to one of the biggest losers around.  I don’t care if he had the same back surgery as you.  You don’t need advice from him.  What does he know about winning?  Nothing.  The last thing Tiger needs right now is some of Tony’s loser sickness to rub off on him.

Double PS- I’m going too choose to ignore the part where he said he still hasn’t taken a full swing yet.  That’s not good.  Like at all.