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The Ohio Statement: Urban Meyer is a Free Man (After 3 Games)

urban smile

Before we begin, I have to get something off of my chest. I have had to hold my tongue for a month now, with good reason. Domestic abuse is a very serious issue, and it is nothing to joke about. But I knew that my coach had nothing to do with this. He has core values. He has high character. He is a leader of men. So to all of you that spread false rumors about Urban Meyer by saying that he puts winning over doing the right thing, I have one message for you:

Now to actually get into the repercussions of the witch hunt conducted by the yellow journalists of the media world, I will be the first to say it: Ohio State deserves an apology from the Associated Press. No, not for ranking our December doormat Wisconsin over us in the 1st AP rankings (which was laugh out loud funny), but for the way that the media did not hold itself to the same standards that they pride themselves on. My high school journalism teacher once taught me that getting the story right is more important than getting the story first. It is a shame that in today’s day and age, people are able to become “media” members and publish their writing online without any real training or schooling. Additionally, Ohio State deserves another apology because they have had to tread above water without their leader for over 20 days. Think if the United States of America had to run without our President for 20 days. It would be mass chaos!

It is now the third paragraph of this blog, so I feel it is a comfortable time to finally use the word Football. That is because football has been the furthest thing from my mind during this wild goose chase. This investigation was about more than a football coach, to me. It was about a man’s name. It was about the integrity of a University. Both of which have come away from this unscathed.  But to address those of you that only care about wins and losses, I will say this. A happy Urban Meyer is 73-8 since he decided to do what’s best for his family and get back into coaching. An angry Urban Meyer may never lose again.

To conclude, it must be said that as an alumni of THE greatest university in the world, I would like to commend both President Drake and the Board of Trustees for how they handled the investigation. We are an academic institution first, not a football school. Everyone knew right away that Brett McMuffin was a hack reporter with no facts and no job, but they had to do their due diligence to make sure that they covered all of their bases and confirmed that Urban is the honest, righteous, moral driven man that we all knew he was from the beginning.