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Teacher Suspended for Making a Pole Dancing Video

Source – A sixth grade teacher in North Carolina has been suspended after a pole-dancing video was found on her private Facebook account — and pole-dancing instructors say the suspension reflects the negative stigmas surrounding the fitness and artistic exercise.

Kandice Mason, an English teacher at West Hoke County Middle School, has been suspended with pay awaiting investigation.Working as a part-time pole-dance instructor, Mason feels it helps her relax and express herself.

The school district didn’t explain why Mason was suspended but their policy says, “Employees are responsible for their public conduct,” ABC station WTVD reported. …

“I’ve worked so hard to try and make sure I can provide for my daughters and our livelihood to have it jeopardized just for doing something that I’m passionate about,” Mason, a single mother of two, told the news station.

Mason said she’d never “felt ashamed of pole dancing.” To her, it’s just an art.

Good one, West Hoke County. Way to save the youth of your school district from the corruption of watching a fully clothed adult woman spinning around a pole. Which is to say, the youth of your district who happen to be Kandice Mason’s Facebook friends. Think of the damage that could be done to an impressionable teenager, seeing her vaguely imitate what strippers do, minus the, y’know, actual stripping. And not in a seedy bar that smells of spilled beer, perfume, jizz and sadness, but on her personal Facebook page.

I mean, if you allow this, what’s next? Teachers wearing high heels on their personal time? Lingerie? Fishnets? Dancing to Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”? Did we learn nothing from Footloose? If you sit still for teachers doing something as remotely, indirectly, six-degrees-of-separation removed from what actual strippers do, you know where that will lead: To them actually having sex with their students.

Oh, wait. That goes on every day. In every state. Including North Carolina. But by all means, keep humiliating Kandice Mason.