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Another Year, Another Batch Of Madden Glitches That Will Trigger More Anger, Hate, And Violence Than Anything On Earth

It’s a glitch, yo! It’s a glitch! His leg is rotisserie, yo!

Ah, yes. The Madden Glitch. A tradition like no other. The yearly chucking the controller through the flatscreen and into hell, if you will. Time is indeed a flat circle in the art of EA Sports fist fucking. One second you’re about to go head score on some punk 12-year-old talking rabid shit online, the next an invisible man picks off your pass, takes it to the house, and is indirectly directly responsible for running to Home Depot to pick up more spackle. It sucks, but everyone has to deal with the pain. And we’ll get through Here’s a bunch we’ve rounded up so far –

LeVeon Bell wants that max contract so bad he’s taking it out on space and time:


EA heroically changing the way football is played:

How is this a touchdown? Well, CashNastyPlays…I don’t know, either:

The only thing that makes me angrier than playing Madden is being cockteased by EA while trying to play Madden.

How the Music City Miracle was originally drawn up in hell:


We got centers staying at home and playing with themselves:

??? – “Look at this shit, look at this bitch”:

And this is not a glitch, but a friendly lesson to why this isn’t Nam. It’s football. There are rules.

Any more we miss? Shoot ‘em over to @StoolGametime on Twitter or @BarstoolGametime on IG. And deep breaths, people. Deep breaths. Or just get world class like Madden Bowl Champion Delco Dubby and overcome the glitches as they arise. Every. Damn. Play.