The Paul Manafort Jury Is Nearing A Verdict But Is Hung On One Count: What Does This Mean?

I have no idea. Honesty matters, folks. I’ll try to find out though.

Anyway, ever since I started buying my dog’s food at a local feed store, I’ve noticed nothing but positive changes. He’s more spry. His coat is looking wonderful, and at risk of sounding gross, his movements (talking stool) have been more consistent. As you know, I was a dog handler for years and realized that I have never given my online friends dog food advice! Well, the wait is over, unlike the waiting for a verdict in the Manafort trial. Here’s what I look for in a dog food:

I look for a dog food that is high in protein. Lean gainz! Haha just kidding. Fitness joke.

Typically, that means looking for something with a crude protein content of 26 percent or higher. After that, I look for the first 3 ingredients listed. Those ingredients mustn’t be a grain. I like fish, lamb, or chicken. Sometimes beef but not very often. Beef can make their breath stink. The ideal food is salmon. The omega 3 fatty acids in salmon is wonderful for your dog’s coat. Give it a few weeks on a salmon diet and you’ll notice a decrease in the amount of shedding.


After that, make sure that your dog is primarily eating hard food. Eating hard or dry food acts like a toothbrush for your dog. Giving your dog wet food can cause gum and teeth issues later on down the line. I’ll have more about gum health and the Manafort trial later. Enjoy lunch, everybody!