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These Anti-Smoking Commercials Are Getting A Bit Too Aggressive For My Penis And My Liking

Jesus Christ, truth, calm down here. I’m not even a smoker and I’m a bit worried about my dick not working after watching this. In case you missed it, last night was the VMAs and I was going back and forth from that (shout out Jennifer Lopez for still just being the ultimate smoke) and some football and little league baseball.

In the middle of all that was this commercial. I wasn’t exactly paying attention at first as I heard some music playing and looked up expected to see some baby commercial or something like that. Nope, instead it’s telling me that your dick isn’t going to work if you so much look at a cigarette.

Now, these commercials continue to get a bit more aggressive and I get it. We’re trying to stop smoking, sure, whatever, those commercials never worked. Whether it was the lady speaking out of her throat or the guy removing his teeth, people still smoked. But, this one? This one should work. You start talking about dicks not working at age 20 and that will scare people away from cigarettes – maybe.

Either way, I’d prefer to never see this commercial again. Let’s just get away from playing a kids song while talking about erectile dysfunction, what do you say?