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RG3 Will Start In The League Again

Another game, another great performance from RG3. Yes, he’s doing mostly mop up duty, but he’s looking damn impressive during it.

So far this preseason he is 18/26 passing (a cool 69.2%) with 2 TDs and 1 INT. And throws such as this one, which was a perfect dime right in the bread basket:

I mean that’s a perfect throw. As perfect as they come after rolling out and extending the play.

I don’t know where he’s going to start. Baltimore likes Lamar Jackson and wants to groom him as the heir to Flacco, but on the other hand, Lamar Jackson is booty.

Will RG3 stay on Baltimore’s roster and replace Flacco when he gets hurt or stinks? Or will he start somewhere like Cincinnati who still have Andy Dalton slinging the ol’ pigskin for lord knows what reason. In a league where the Brocketship, Geno Smith, Tom Savage, and Blaine Gabbert continue to take snaps as a starter, it’s obvious RG3 isn’t done as a starter. I don’t know when, and I don’t know where, but he will start in the league again. And hopefully this year.