Mets Go Full Mets And Lose A Game In The 13th Inning After Dom Smith And Amed Rosario Collide In Left Field

Shout out to the Mets for somehow taking a hilariously embarrassing season and finding a way to continue to entertain us with no hope of meaningful September games. Last night’s kick in the dick came thanks to Dom Smith playing left field despite being a first baseman HIS ENTIRE CAREER and giving Mets a brief flashback to Luis Castillo, who caused a much bigger disaster all by himself. Putting players they don’t have a place to play in left field before that player inevitably costs them a game and causes every fan to lose their shit is a Mets tradition as old as time (See also: Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, Todd Hudley, etc.). Mind you that this play came after there was a man on third with no outs and the Mets appeared to get out of a jam, which makes it really hurt for the 10 people that still live and die with this team. That is until the Mets went Full Mets. Never go Full Mets.


I could go on and on about how this season has been depressing, infuriating, and hilarious all at the same time. But I won’t. You guys have heard me rant about the same shit enough. There’s no point in getting sad or angry or delirious anymore. It’s just time to accept our fate for as long as Major League Baseball turns a blind eye to the Wilpons butchering of a team from top to bottom. The truly dark days where 100 losses a year are a given and the players that had us excited all slowly leave this moribund franchise. At least the slide into darkness should get us some laughs. Losses like this would usually drive a fan base mad, but everything I saw on #MetsTwitter was about how the Mets deserve this kind of shit and it’s true. Thoughts and prayers to all the poor unfortunate souls that stuck around and watched this game at Citi Field all the way until the very end. They deserved better. But they will never get it because our owners are the worst owners in baseball and Major League Baseball refuses to do anything about it. Now open your hearts and let the darkness slide in.

On the bright side, at least this stat is a thing.

I guarantee the Mets will use this as a catchphrase for the 2019 season. If you take out falling victim to Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme, the Wilpons aren’t the absolute worst owners in New York sports. If you take out the last few innings of every 2015 World Series game, there would be a championship banner at Citi Field. And if you take out a few hundred pounds from my body, I wouldn’t have a weight problem. Cuncel da franchise, fuck the Wilpons.