The Latest Deal On The Table For Kevin Love Is Apparently Mirotic, Gibson, And Doug McDermott





Like I said yesterday, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is either the Timberwolves driving the Cavs price up, The Bulls doing the same, or both teams sort of working together to accomplish that goal. Why wouldn’t the Bulls “actively” be in Kevin Love talks. I highly doubt this deal will happen but what it does do is make the Cavs work for Love. They have to give their absolute best possible deal if they think these trade talks are even remotely real. So I’m in for this, I like the strategy. I doubt Kevin Love is coming the Bulls but I like the strategy.



Now, if this is real, you have to do it. I think a lot of people get hung up on potential and Taj Gibson’s worth. I love Taj. I think Mirotic and or McDermott will end up being pretty good pros. But this is a top 15 guy who is entering his prime right now. You do it and figure out depth later. I blogged yesterday that I love what the Bulls have done in terms of depth this offseason but the point remains, Kevin Love on a long term deal is worth more than depth, depth is replaceable.