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Sometimes You're Walking In The Rain And All of a Sudden You Disappear Into a Giant Rain-Filled Hole

Daily Mail

Two girls in China have been saved after falling into a deep hole together while wading through floodwaters.

One girl was carrying the other as the pair carefully made their way through a flooded construction site in Shangqiu city, Henan Province, on Saturday. The city was battered by heavy downpours brought by Typhoon Rumbia during the weekend.

The hole had been dug by workers during the installation of underground heating pipes before it got flooded, reported Shanghai Morning Post. However, no warning signs had been placed near the hole, resulting in the girls to fall straight into it. Onlookers dashed to rescue the girls after seeing them struggling in the murky water. Both of them suffered from scratches, according to BJ News.

Sometimes you’re walking in the rain and you’ll accidentally step in a big puddle. Brutal. Your socks are soaked and you just have to deal with it until you get home. Even worse, maybe a car will drive past you and splash you a bit. Tough moments for sure. Well, how about walking on a quiet street and just VANISHING into thin air? One moment you’re walking with your kid and the next you are completely submerged under disgusting rain water. Basically drowning as you struggle to keep your kid above water. How about these two guys walking by and seeing just the head of the kid above the ground?


Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 1.33.58 PM

I don’t even know what I would think at that moment because it’s such an outrageous sight to see. Oh just your classic kid drowning in the middle of a street on a rainy day in China. Nothing to see here.

Although typhoons and hurricanes are the exact same thing and differ just by where they occur, typhoons sound so much worse. Hurricanes are bad news bears, but typhoons sound like world-enders. If you tell me a typhoon is coming I’m going to get my will in order and say good bye to my loved ones because it is OVER. There seems to be a typhoon in China every other week.