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Some Students Made a Slang Term Guide For The Teachers of the School District And I Feel Old And Confused

I finally feel old. There are words being used in the world that I just have no clue what they mean. I used to be on the “in” of what was hot in the streets and what the kids were saying as a society. I am confirmed on the outskirts looking in after this. There are, however, several words on this list that I do understand. That would be “yo” which I’m confident means hello or what is up. “Wassup” is the same as yo.  I’m also positive “aight” means alright. Now a synonym for aight is apparently “ard” which pretty much scrambled my brain when I saw that. Ard should be short for aardvark if anything. Maybe describing an ugly person you say “ard” because they look like an aardvark? I don’t understand how that means alright. “Wack” means something is weird or crazy. Also “finna” means to go or going to. I knew that one, but quite frankly I have no idea how that became a thing. Wouldn’t you say “gonna” and not a word that starts with the letter f? I am not here to argue, I’m here to find reason.


Now to the words I just have not the slightest clue what they meant.

Drawlin (verb)

What I thought it meant: A cool way to spell drooling. Maybe a really hot girl walks by and you go to one of your boys who is staring at her and be like “damn son, you really drawlin’ over her huh?”

What it really means: Acting out of character/doing something that others don’t approve of.

Used in a sentence: If you don’t come out tonight you’re drawlin’.

My thoughts: Wasn’t the slang word for this wildin’? How do we get the world drawlin involved here? How does that become a thing?

Boul (noun)

What I thought it meant: Poop

What it really means: A word to describe a person.

Used in a sentence: That boul over there has some fresh kicks.

My thoughts: What?….

Ocky (adjective)

What I thought it meant: Awkward

What it really means: fake or not-authentic

Used in a sentence: Ayo ya timbs ocky.

My thoughts:

Sawty (verb)

What I thought it meant: A cool way of saying salty or being jealous.

What it really means: To express being wrong

Used in a sentence: I thought I was going to make the bus, but I was sawty.

My thoughts: What happened to the world?

Bet (noun)

What I thought it meant: a gambling wager

What it really means: a response to assure, or “yes”

Used in a sentence: Throw it you won’t, bet!

My thoughts: I’ve secretly heard younger people in videos say bet like this, but genuinely had no clue what was going on so I didn’t say anything. I still don’t think I know what it means or how to say it.

Outta pocket (adjective)

What I thought it meant: you were out of money so you had to ask your mom for some.

What it really means: out of line or acting up

Used in sentence: My teacher gave me two hours of homework today, she outta pocket.

My thoughts: I kinda see this one catching on, but I’ll never say it in real life because I’m scared.

Alright that does it for today’s lesson on slang the kids are using. Back to the real world. If you hear these terms in public, just refer to the glossary and we’ll be okay. I still don’t get how a person is now called a “boul.” That can’t be a good thing.

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