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A Bunch Of Tesla Factory Workers Have Allegedly Been Trafficking Large Quantities Of Drugs For Cartels

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VIPortal- A second former Tesla employee has filed a formal whistleblower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission, alleging the automaker failed to disclose to shareholders that law enforcement uncovered an alleged drug trafficking ring involving employees at its Gigafactory plant in Nevada.  A former Tesla employee has sued the automaker, claiming it fired him last fall in retaliation for… Karl Hansen, a former member of Tesla’s internal security department and its investigations division, joins ex-Gigafactory technician Martin Tripp as the second Tesla employee seeking whistleblower status with the SEC. But Hansen’s offering up claims that go far beyond the alleged manufacturing issues highlighted by Tripp. “I hope that shining a light on Tesla’s practices will cause appropriate governmental action against the company and its management,” Hansen said in a statement. Tesla didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. A DEA spokesperson didn’t have an immediate comment when reached by Jalopnik.

A summary of Hansen’s complaint, which was filed Aug. 9, was released Thursday by attorney Stuart Meissner, who’s also representing Tripp. One of the former employee’s most startling claims is that Tesla failed to reveal information sent by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, regarding evidence of “substantial drug trafficking” by Tesla employees at the Gigafactory.

Well well well. Looks like we know how Elon Musk is trying to fund his fledging company. Turns out the flamethrowers and the surf boards were just smokescreens. They were a distraction from what was really going on and what was really going on was drug trafficking for cartels. I’m not saying these factory workers were trafficking drugs under direct orders from Elon Musk but I’m not not saying that. Think about it. Everything in the news lately has been about how awful Tesla’s doing. The stock is dropping, the board members want Elon Musk out and he’s swallowing Ambien by the fistful. Things aren’t great right now for Tesla and it’s CEO. They need cash and they need it bad. So they turned to the cartels.


I’d even argue that Elon Musk’s “I’m thinking about taking Tesla private” tweet was an effort to distract people from this drug trafficking report. He knew it was coming and wanted to cause a shit storm to distract the peasants. Not me. I see right through him. I do wanna go on record and say it’s not a bad idea. Funding a legitimate company with drug money is a tale as old as time. Washing drug money through a legitimate company is a tale as old as time. Watch TV one time. I don’t give a shit that they were doing this. I’m not a “drugs are bad” person. All this drug trafficking report tells me is that Tesla is in dire straits for cash and that makes me happy.