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On This Week's Edition Of 'Sport Of The Future', We Have Ice Lacrosse


This isn’t the first time we’ve ever seen lacrosse being played on ice before. But it might be the best video footage we’ve seen of it so far. And now I know this may come as a shocker to some of you, but I actually love it. I’ve never understood people who love hockey but hate lacrosse. It doesn’t make a lick of sense. There are so many similarities between the two sports, especially when we’re talking about box lacrosse vs field lacrosse. So when you merge the two sports together into one? It’s a beautiful thing.

Really, the only flaw with this video is that it looks like they’re playing field lacrosse on ice rather than box. And that just has to change in order for this to truly be the sport of the future. No longpoles. No offsides. Maybe have the goalies wear their actual pads. I’m still trying to decide if they should be allowed to keep their glove or not but I’m starting to lean towards yes. You figure there are already so many goals scored in box lacrosse on a smaller net with goalies being able to stand stationary. Throwing them on skates in a larger net would only make it more difficult so let’s have them keep their gloves not only to make sure every game doesn’t end 20-19, but it’ll also be good for highlights.

A couple of other things before we wrap up here. 1) You figure most of the guys playing in the NLL are Canadian. Which means that most of them had to have grown up playing hockey or at the very least, they all know how to skate. So just as the NHL has a Winter Classic every year, I think the NLL should have one as well and play it on ice. I can pretty much guarantee you that it’ll be the most watched professional lacrosse game in the history of ratings so unless the NLL hates making money, they’d be smart to at least hear me out on that idea.

And 2) throw the skate blades back on Johnny Canuck here and you’d have the greatest ice lacrosse jersey known to man. Gets my dick hard just thinking about all the possibilities.