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This Fight Between A Rams Fan And Raiders Fans Is The Official Sign That Football Is Almost Back For Good

Little did we know that the NFL’s return to Los Angeles would give us more than a shiny new stadium in a few years and Goodell having to pick a new city to hold over a team’s head if they didn’t bend the knee to league and its owners. Fights during a Rams preseason game has apparently become another new sign of football’s arrival up there with the return of Madden, Hard Knocks, and chilly mornings. LA may not be known as a great sports city. But it is definitely a great sports fight city. This cinematically pleasing sunsplashed fight with Cowboys fans last year was our first robin of the football season.


And based on this video with Raiders fans, it clearly doesn’t matter what fans are in the stands either. I could understand last year’s fight because Cowboys fans are at the top of the power rankings for fan bases that NFL fans want to fight. Seeing a loud Cowboys fan wearing that stupid star along with at least one earring and some slicked hair can trigger any fan. However, Raiders fans are dead last in those power rankings. It doesn’t matter if have face paint on, are wearing spiked shoulder pads, or just rocking a Khalil Mack jersey. There’s something about the silver and black (or absolute fire white) jerseys that scream “Don’t fuck with this person”, regardless of if they are in the stands or in playing on the field during an NFL Films video from the 70s. The autumn wind is a Raiders fan, pillaging just for fun. He’ll knock you ’round and upside down, and laugh when he’s conquered and won. It doesn’t matter if you are an opposing fan or a Raiders fan. The autumn wind will come for your ass, whether its a dude in a Howie Long jersey throwing people over the railing like it’s a Royal Rumble or a Raiders girl trying to smash a bottle/thermos against another Raiders fan’s head like its a steel chair.


Say what you want to say about Raiders Nation, but if you can’t enjoy watching that group of maniacs act like savages every Sunday, you don’t have a pulse. I can only hope that the craziest fucks in Las Vegas keep the flame that Al Davis and Black Hole lit when they move to Sin City.