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Wake Up With Ken Griffey Jr Making An Unreal Catch Against The Monster

Happy Ken Griffey Jr Monday to you and yours. Today we’re focusing on this catch he made in Fenway back in 1989. Little RDT was just 5 months old, but KGJ was out here putting his body on the line for this catch.

Just look how shallow he was playing, and where he ended up. He ran at least 100 feet to the wall and still got in the perfect position to make a leaping catch. He hit that wall insanely hard too, I mean he really slammed into it. I feel like you have a higher % chance of breaking your ribs slamming into that wall than making the catch. Full extension of his arm too, he had to leap into the wall, and reach up for that catch.

These are the plays that got fans so excited for when they watched Ken play. Never took plays off, slammed into the wall to make the catches, and suited up everyday….well until his body fell apart. Jackie Bradley Jr is maybe the only other guy in the league who comes close to making this catch, thats it.


The kid could cover some ground, that’s for sure.