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A Nun Threw A Perfect Curveball For A Strike From The G*ddamn Rubber Before Tonight's White Sox Game

Look at Sister Mary Jo getting cocky out there! Not only does she do the old ball off the arm trick that will probably trigger the shit out of Brian McCann, but she threw a perfect 12-to-6 Uncle Charlie Lord Charles for a strike. From the fucking rubber no less! I don’t know if a woman can become Pope, but Sister Mary Jo has my vote. Actually I do know that I don’t have a vote for Pope. But if I ever get one, the current best MJ in Chicago sports gets my vote. Eat your heart out Sister Jean as well as Cubs fans. The baddest bitch in baseball officially reps the South Side.

P.S. Just covering my tracks here and saying there is a better than good chance that someone pulled a Mrs. Doubtfire and is trying to JMac the entire sports world.