BREAKING REPORT: Millionaire Ryan Whitney Is Hated By Caddies At His Home Club And Is Also (allegedly) A Cheap Person



Seriously I didn’t want to post this but as a credentialed golf J I had to and wow. As a common man who works for the common man, you just hate to see it. I always thought Ryan Whitney was a nice guy but it’s really not up to me. I just post the facts which you’ve probably noticed from when I was credentialed at the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship. I’ve played with Whitney before and honestly I saw no signs of him being a stuck up, privileged rich guy who belongs to multiple country clubs and pays thousands for swing coaches while berating hard working, blue collar loopers then not paying them but it was a quick encounter and I could’ve missed it.

Not really sure what to think but I know I’m going to spend tonight praying for the Old Sandwich caddies. We’re with you guys.