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Matthew McConaughey's Latest Longhorn Fall Camp Report Is Hypnotizing

Matthew McConaughey made his way to 40 acres to take in the Longhorns fall camp yesterday. It’s no secret that he’s a die hard fan of UT athletics. He can also sell ice to eskimos. Winning combo… if you like wearing burnt orange.

After practice, the Academy Award winner delivered another master piece and looked effortlessly flawless at the same time. Naturally.


“I don’t have my affiliations. I have God, my family, America and Texas. And I got the Longhorns.”

If somebody at UT’s marketing department hasn’t put that on a shirt yet, they should be fired.

As a college football fan, I hate the University of Texas. I spent a lot of my formidable years having to sing “Texas Fight” in front of my peers in our school cafeteria because they beat A&M time and time again. It was tough being an Aggie fan back then. But for the record, I don’t hate the people at Texas. A lot of my friends went there and Austin is a pretty awesome city.

But for the sake of college football, I 1000% hate UT. That’s what rivalries are about… even though they were too scared to play A&M when the Aggies headed to the SEC.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 3.53.14 PM

(And no, I’m not going to mud wrestle Liz over this. We’re lovers, not fighters.)

But even as an Aggie, how in the world can I hate that video?? I have no idea who uses “ambiance” as a description of a football team OR use it proof that they’ll be any good this season. But I don’t care. I mean it’s absolutely entrancing.

Replace “I don’t even watch college football” with “I fucking hate anything Longhorn football” and same. Matthew McConaughey could read me bedtime stories about Texas football for the rest of my life and I’d never kick him out.

But FWIW, Texas football is not back. Every year that narrative sneaks it’s way in and it usually is outed as fraudulent pretty quickly. Before you anti-Aggie insufferables jump all over me, I’m not saying A&M is going to have a killer year either. But when your head coach isn’t sure of the number of elite players on your team, the confidence in Austin can’t be that high.


Not great.

Sorry to bring up old shit, Longhorn fans. But at least you have the world’s smoothest talker on your side. That video is awesome. That’s a W to hold on to when you don’t have that many come bowl season.