I'm Calling Bullshit On The Reports That The Bulls Are Back In The Hunt For Kevin Love





So I guess we’re back on this train. The Bulls back in talks for Kevin Love. Good, great. Would our roster be crazy lopsided with too many big men and not enough guards? Definitely. But if the Bulls can trade Taj and Butler for Kevin Love and a signature on a long term deal they should definitely do it. Which is exactly why this isn’t real. This has Minnesota driving the price up on Love written all over it. If they’re only negotiating with Cleveland then the Cavs can keep Wiggins out of the deal, if the Cavs think they have competition, well then they clearly have to put out their best offer. Nothing more nothing less.



Now obviously I would take Love in a heartbeat but I have to admit, I really like what the Bulls have done in the off-season here. All along I was afraid that no Melo would be a repeat of the Summer of 2010 and it is to a point, but the strategy of extreme depth is exactly what this team needs. We know Thibs has issues playing the guys he trusts too many minutes. So Gar/Pax have sort of taken that away from him. They’re giving him flexibility. Think about what the Bulls can put out there right now. Starters, Rose, Butler, Dunleavy, Pau, Noah. Bench Taj, Doug McDermott, Aaron Brooks, Hinrich, Mirotic, Snell. Obviously some of these guys will need develop (Mirotic and McDermott) but as it currently stands the Bulls look to be a team that can go 9-10 deep. Not many teams in the NBA can say that. And of course everyone will say, the Bulls aren’t winning shit, they aren’t good enough, Derrick Rose will get injured and blah blah blah. But look at the 2010/11 team and 11/12 team. Both of those squads led the NBA in wins. That’s what the front office is going for here. Remember when the bench mob gelled together in those years and Thibs would put them in against other team’s second units and they would DOMINATE. Spell the starters, keep them fresh all year and let team ball win out. I’m buying in, I’m the eternal optimist, but I’m buying in.