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The Phillies Split An Interesting Double-Header With The Mets

Bodied by the Tank. Not a good look Phils, not a good look at all. I literally have nothing to say about that first game. The Phillies staff gave up 11 unearned runs and 25 hits. Roman Quinn now has the highest ERA in baseball for relief pitchers with a minimum of 1 and 2/3 innings pitched. Scott Kingery’s fastball yesterday was too slow to pick up by the ball park radar. Mark Leiter Jr. gave up 7 runs yesterday, none of them were earned.

As much as I am an advocate for Maikel Franco’s name to be on the Hall of Fame ballot as early as next year, some of his defensive miscues yesterday were inexcusable. The ball he charged in the 4th off the bat of Rosario that he threw away allowed two runs when everyone and their mother knew Amed would have been safe by a mile.

As big as an advocate of Jorge Alfaro as I have been over the years and despite a superior arm and great pitch calling ability, his lackluster defense at times is very questionable. It just shows how truly inexperienced he is and rattled he gets at times. Plus his .698 OPS has no place starting on a playoff baseball team right now. While he is ranked as the 2nd best defensive catcher by Def Rating on Fangraphs, his 9 errors are 2nd in baseball. Wilson Ramos will teach him the ways, but Jorge needs to get his head in order when his name is on the lineup card for now on.

Despite the horror that was game 1, game 2 once again told us to never forget that Gabe Kapler is our manager. One person of course disagreed.

So this walking, talking chode is telling us that a preseason game vs. the Patriots is the most important game of the year and when your team is down 15-4 in the top of the 7th in the first game of a double header, you should have brought in Aaron Nola to secure the 11 run deficit. Got it.

Angelo failed to mention that despite being embarrassed at home to the tune of 24 runs by the god damn Mets, Gabe’s Phillies came back and won game 2. They went out and overcame a 2-0 1st inning deficit behind Zach Eflin, who didn’t have his best stuff. He failed to mention that the young, struggling Phillies offense is back and hit 6 HR total yesterday, including 2 by a superstar in the making….see below.

This is the kind of shit I was talking about yesterday and this self-fulfilling prophecy of failure that the Phillies media and fan base has. No baseball season is sunshine and rainbows people.

Hey if you get off on this team failings, so be it. If you think it will lead to more clicks despite this young team being in the pennant hunt, so be it. I’m not standing behind it because I’m sick and tired of the constant negativity. I fucking hate to read that shit every single day. 3 years I have been writing about this team and wallowing in the struggle. However, it’s a new season and this Phillies team is 1.5 GB of First Place right now. Gabe Kapler has showed us fans that he is one of the most passionate men on the planet who wants nothing but success for his team. If he wants to give up after being down 15-4 in the 7th inning in the first game of a double header than so be it. If you want to beat the dead horse and criticize every single one of his management decisions, than so be it. My readers know who my faith lies in and I just hope they feel the same way.

As a gesture of my faith for Gabe and this team, I’m heading to the gym right now and crushing a bench press set. 135 lbs, 3×8. Then I’m gonna go hammer out some curls. 20lb dumbbells, 2×10. I’ll probably then go ahead and finish up with like 8 crunches on the decline bench, check myself out in the mirror and call it a day. I suggest you do the same.

In Gabe I Trust. Go Phils.