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I Regret To Inform Everyone That This Nasty, Nasty Shootout Goal Is Actually Highly Illegal

So Shayne Jackson is a stick handling specialist up in Canada. Pretty much like a Pavel Barber with a man bun. Buddy must play for the Han Dynasty because hands like that can only be found on the Silk Road. Anyway–yesterday Shayne Jackson put out this mind-blowingly filthy move. He skates in backwards, does a one-handed Zorro, slams on the brakes, does a somewhat Datsyukian drag, turns around and gives the goalie a free one-handed roof job. Or in other words, just some wizard shit.

But while I appreciate a silky smooth dangle just as much as the next guy, I appreciate the rulebook more. And let me tell you one thing right now. Wizardry or not, this move is an absolute slap in the face to the rulebook and I can’t just idly stand by here and let that shit fly.

The rules state that whilst a player is taking a penalty shot and/or shootout attempt, the puck must be kept in motion toward the opponent’s goal line. Now we’ve seen some moves in the past that have found themselves in the grey area when it comes to the rule, a la the 360 or this move from Johnny Hockey last season.

And in those types of situations, it’s very difficult to determine whether or not the puck’s momentum actually stopped moving toward the opponent’s goal line or not. The spin-o-rama has been outlawed but the same type of uncertainty can be said about the Datsyuk as well. But this move from Shayne Jackson? It’s as clear as night and day.

His momentum stops going toward the goal line, he stops the puck’s momentum as well and drags it backwards with him. I’m sorry but you simply cannot do that. Applauding this shootout move is equivalent to applauding a murderer, if we’re being honest. Why should we glorify something that is not only against the laws, but against the code of ethics which we as civilized members of society conduct our lives under? It’s shameful. It’s deplorable. And in no way, shape or form am I just lashing out here because there is no way in a million attempts that I could ever pull off such a move. I’m just a guy out here who loves the rulebook. If I need to be the last line of defense for the rules, then that’s a job I’m willing to take on.

But yeah. That was nasty.