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Kate Recaps A Spicey Day At The Barstool Office

When I got into work yesterday to record today’s ZeroBlog30 the office was slightly more abuzz than usual, and it wasn’t just the added chaos of Barstool Idol contestants running around. Extra activity here usually means one of four things:

1) Something big happened in the sports world
2) An employee did something a ‘lil problematic
3) There’s free food on the bar
4) We have a special guest in the building

This time it was the latter. Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was in for an interview with Mike & the Murdogg.

Which, side note – it was my first time meeting Mr. P. & Cousin Murray & I was jazzed. Mr. P. (hoping we’re on a Mr. P basis now?) asked me a little about what I did in the military & then expressed concern regarding the backwards U.S. flag on my beloved Barstool hat. Ashamed to admit, I did not know why it was backwards & a small crowd was gathering. ‘Holy crap, did Barstool get the hats wrong??’ This led to some guessing & Googling & we determined it’s an Army rule but none of us could really tell you why.


Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 1.33.03 AM

Flag crisis averted, they were soon in the radio room with Spicer, & ZBT got word that we’d get to interview him, too. It’s not that I was nervous, but I knew this was a big one & wanted to be prepared. I tried to find a spot to do research & come up with some unique questions but felt a shadow lingering. It was Idol contestant ‘Joey Boats’ with an orange face, sans Trump wig, asking if I knew when Spicer would be free. I gave him the best advice I could muster, “Ah, keep lurking to see, but sort of out of the way?”

While Captain Cons & I were waiting to link up with Chaps for our time with Spicer I heard another small commotion. Naturally, it was Johnny Bananas of MTV’s The Challenge & NBC’s new show ‘1st Look’. Apparently he’s acquaintances with Cons & they started chattin’ it up. Possibly about someone’s fast moving pit stains. (Sorry Cons.)

At this point I kind of gave up on focusing & figured it would just be what it would be. Que sera, sera. And luckily, it turned out pretty well. Chaps asked Spicer a few poignant questions about his role as WH Press Sec. & leadership & integrity as an O-5 (Commander) in the Navy. Cons dug into what it was like to work with General Kelly & balancing his WH job with the Reserves. I got to explain the cult following of General Mattis & show him all the tank tops on the internet, which I think he was genuinely delighted by. #ProfessionalJournalist

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 1.54.21 AM

So completely unexpected, my Thursday began with the Portnoy clan, Sean Spicer, a Trump impersonator & a gent named Johnny Bananas. Who knows what Friday will bring (besides the weekend!!). All I know is the best way to start it…