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Toby Screaming Out "DOES ANYONE HAVE A CAMERA HERE???" Is A Vastly Underrated Scene From The Office

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Like every single person I know, I watch The Office pretty much every night before falling asleep. It’s kind of crazy when people are like “I can’t sleep at night”. Ummmm, it’s called get into the routine of watching The Office before going to snoozeville and your life will never be better. Well I’m on about my 15th re-watch, give or take, and last night I watched one of the best episodes ever made “Toby’s Last Day”. There are so many great parts to the episode, the best being Holly thinking Kevin is retarded (no offense) and treating him so special, while Kevin thinks he’s going to bang her.

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The greatness of The Office is the subtle story lines and jokes that you might not notice at first, whether it be Creed with the printer toner or Michael celebrating Groundhog’s Day (alone). But the best is Toby’s infatuation with Pam. He’s in love with Pam, and wants a picture with her before he goes to Costa Rica. Which brings what I consider one of the most underrated scenes/lines in the entire series. The internet is always RT’ing the CPR scene, or Prison Mike, or Hardcore Parkour, but this line delivered by Toby is one of the greatest in the entire show:


It’s just so perfectly delivered. The desperation and pain in his voice is so palpable, you can feel it through the screen. How he just screams it into the open towards a bunch of people who could care less, so distraught and distressed, hoping someone will have a camera is just so perfect.

And then of course him buying the expensive camera, only for Pam to be crying in their picture because she thought Jim was going to propose, which he was, but then didn’t because Andy did. Again, so perfect.

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What a line, what an episode, what a show.