We've never seen a Zion Williamson before

Have we ever seen a player like Zion Williamson before?

Not. Even. Close.

At 6’6 he weighs 285 pounds with a 45 inch vertical. TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIVE POUNDS as a high flying guard/forward, are you kidding me? How could your jaw not drop to the ground witnessing some of the things he does IN GAME?

Let’s put it in perspective. Zion Williamson weighs 30 pounds more than Steven Adams. How in the hell is he flying through the air the way he is? Does Gravity not have the same effect on him or something? Does he squat 1,500 pounds? Let’s see Steven Adams attempt to do even an average Zion Williamson dunk. He would probably fall flat on his face.

That’s not a knock on Steven, that’s a testament to how ridiculous this kid really is. The world has never seen a human being with this size and athleticism.


I mean just look at this dunk…

Now, when I see a young player this talented I am try not to overreact. But with Zion, it’s almost impossible not to. I am probably 1 of 500 people who actually started a 7-day free trial on ESPN+ yesterday just to watch him player at a higher level for the first time. I could not have been more impressed. This kid plays really hard for someone his size. He can shoot, rebound and pass already at a high level. He was 3/4 from 3 as well.

AGAIN, I don’t want to overreact, but this might be the most exciting basketball player we will have for the next decade. In one exhibition game against a Canadian team he gave us several highlight reel plays.

He’s legitimately dunking from the free throw line with ease. I know you’ve probably seen it already but it doesn’t hurt to see again. It’s that incredible.

Who can you compare this guy to in the history of basketball? No one has ever had this type of explosive athleticism at 6-6 285 pounds.

Like or dislike Duke basketball, Zion is going to be a must watch all season long. Buckle up because you’re going to be seeing his highlights for years to come, I can promise you that. Could he be the player that replaces LeBron? Time will tell..

– Dylan,

P.S. imagine how much endorsement money Zion could have made already if the NCAA didn’t restrict him from doing so. (Just food for thought)

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