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The City Of Philadelphia Is Home To Some Of The Most Elite Crackheads In The Nation

Now there are plenty of crackheads out there who are perfectly fine with putting in minimal effort. Maybe they’ll be standing out in traffic at a red light asking for money. Maybe they’ll be waiting outside of a store asking for change. Or on the subway or really anywhere else just asking for some spare money. You’ll occasionally see some kind souls pull out a few dollars from their wallet for them, but more often than not it doesn’t seem to be a very successful endeavor. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. So where’s the real money at? How can you make a killing out there?

It’s simple. Learn how to be an elite gymnast, find a bunch of drunk Temple kids and get them to pay you to do a bunch of flips and shit.


2:23am. That right there is prime time for Flips. Bunch of drunk college kids getting home from the bar, somehow manage to still have some actual US legal tender left in their pockets, Flips goes out there and does his thing and now he’s raking it in. That’s greatness right there. Not only is it physical greatness, but it’s also greatness in understanding and seizing opportunity. And that’s just what the city of Philly breeds. These streets were paved by greatness. It is entrenched in our DNA to be great. From Carson Wentz to the crackheads. It’s just a way of life.

P.S. – Rickety Cricket still the GOAT Philly crackhead.