I Finally Clicked The Squirrel Ad: Here's What I Found Out


The natural world around us is simply amazing. You may not think twice about it, but all of the animals on this planet, no matter how ordinary they can seem, are actually quite fascinating. They all contribute to the planet’s ecosystem in their own little way and assist our environment in thriving day-to-day. For one woman, animals were what brought her the most joy, so when she saw a squirrel struggling to eat in her yard, she knew she had to investigate. Young, undernourished and dealing with a major dental problem, Jannet Talbott knew if she didn’t help the poor squirrel he would die.

Thankfully, living on a ranch, Jannet knew her way around animals and decided to give the squirrel a shot at a normal life.

For weeks now, I’ve seen this ole bucktoothed head ass squirrel in our ads. Why? It’s impossible to know. Sometimes companies have a little cash on hand to spend so they advertise their squirrel blogs with us.

“Hey Chaps, who cares about squirrels? Cant be that big of a market for squirrel blog readers.”

You are reading this blog aren’t you, you dumb bitch?

Sorry. That was ugly of me. Anyway, what a turn of events in this story. Turns out that the squirrel was rescued and cared for by a loving woman named Jannet. Jannet with two N’s is a fucking wild card. I prefer my Janets with one N but I’m not going to hold that against her because she was so kind to the squirrel despite its outrageous teeth. That’s the mark of a true hero, not the amount of N’s in ones name.

I’d regret it if I didnt put a water-skiing squirrel in this blog so here you go. Enjoy.