"If You Can't Play Hockey Hungover, You Probably Shouldn't Be In The League" - Ryan Reaves, Now My Favorite Hockey Player

Los Angeles Kings v Vegas Golden Knights

So Ryan Reaves was recently on a Winnipeg radio TSN show called “The Big Show”. He was on there to talk about the offseason, about what it’s like playing against the Jets in Winnipeg as a native of the city, and then of course about life as a member of the Vegas Golden Knights. During the interview, one of the hosts threw this question at him.

“Hearing about the “Vegas Hangover” and the role that played… what are your thoughts on the reality of that, if it really exists and how other teams sort of negotiate or manage their time in Vegas”

To which Ryan Reaves replied…


Obviously the question was about a figurative hangover but what a fucking answer. Ryan Reaves all but confirming what we all had wished to be true–that the NHL is essentially the world’s most elite beer league. Makes me want to tear up just thinking about it. I mean we all knew that hockey players were the most common men of the major professional sports. And we all knew that hockey guys enjoy gassin a few beers from time to time. But I may just have to end up getting “If you can’t play hungover, then you shouldn’t be in the league” tattooed across my face. That’s the motto right there, folks. Those are the words that we live and die by.

I’m so sick and tired of seeing all these professional athletes with their specialized diets like Tom Brady. I’m so sick and tired of seeing all these professional athletes flaunting how much they’re working out in the offseason and documenting everything on instagram. Anybody can be great when they’re sober. You want to impress me? Let me see you spend an entire day getting shit faced hammered and then go out there the next day and play hockey at the highest level. That’s the true test of greatness. And there’s not a single doubt in my body right now that Ryan Reaves has what it takes to be great.