Today's NFL Training Camp Fight Was DeAndre Hopkins Vs. Jimmie Ward


I absolutely hate to do it, but I think I have to move DeAndre Hopkins down my fantasy wide receiver rankings after watching that fight. I know DeShaun Watson is back healthy and Hopkins has somehow been able to put up numbers with any Texans quarterback that didn’t have the last name Osweiler. But throwing the first punch at another player that still has his helmet on while you don’t have a helmet on is an inexcusable defense. Especially when your hands are your moneymakers. Did Nuk not learn anything from his mentor Andre Johnson back when they were teammates?

Yes I get that everyone is pissy playing in the hot summer weather and may not be thinking straight. But you cannot be making rookie mistakes like that as a veteran. Can’t do it (said in Mike Singletary’s voice). From his days at Stanford grad to making himself a household name despite being a cornerback that played in Seattle, Richard Sherman has never been a dummy. But he showed just how smart he was by making sure his helmet was on before jumping into the fire.

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There is something to be said for that type of veteran savvy. DeAndre Hopkins crawled through a river of shitty QBs and it appears he came out clean on the other side. So it would be a real shame if he ever missed anytime because he hurt his hands by hitting another guy’s helmet during a training camp fight.