The LA Kings Themed Baseball Jerseys The Dodgers Are Giving Away Are Unbelievable

The LA Dodgers and the LA Kings have teamed up to a create an awesome Kings X Dodgers mashup jersey and it’s unbelievable. The Dodgers created the Kings themed baseball jersey for Kings night on August 25th and will be giving these away for free.

Yup, that’s right, for free. Which is completely mind blowing to me. This jersey is straight fire. I’d pay a good amount of money for this thing. And the people of LA get it free. Figures, as if life isn’t good enough for them.

Imagine getting your hands on this thing while you were in college? You 1000% win the entire day drink if you show up wearing this bad boy.

This also got me thinking, what other cities that have baseball and hockey teams would make a good jersey together? A Bruins X Red Sox mashup would be pretty awesome. I must say though, a Blackhawks X Cubs would take the cake. The Blackhawks jerseys may be the best in all of sports, can only imagine what that thing would like as a baseball jersey.


Also – why can’t teams play in jerseys like this? You see it all the time. These teams make these awesome custom jerseys and wear them in warmups and they never see any game time. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. It will create some buzz. And in a sport that is lacking in buzz, I’m sure they could use it.