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Spencer Dinwiddie Talked So Much Shit, The Pistons Duct Taped Him To A Chair And Put Him In A Cold Shower


There’s apparently no hazing like the Detroit Pistons do hazing. I’m not talking about extreme hazing either, everyone knows there’s a line and not to cross it. But, I love this move by Andre Drummond and the Pistons. Spencer Dinwiddie, a 2nd round pick, was a known shit-talker.

So when the Pistons had enough of it? They took it a step farther than just putting popcorn in his car or something like that. Getting duct taped to a chair sounds pretty awful, putting him in a cold shower with it, just sounds like the worst.

I’m a big shower guy. Love showers. I’ve been on record saying the post golf shower is better than the post golf nap. More importantly, I’m a big hot shower guy, no cold shower or anything like that. Burn my skin, baby. On top of all of that, being trapped to a chair just sounds awful in its own right.

Obviously, Dinwiddie took it all in stride and doesn’t seem to care, which is the important thing here. We hear about all the dumb hazing shit happening around the country that results in injury or death, so this is all light-hearted. My only complaint? How the hell did Andre Drummond need 5 other dudes to help him here? Drummond is a massive human being. You’re telling me he couldn’t just duct tape Dinwiddie himself?