How About Rory McIlroy Drinking Jager Out Of The Claret Jug Like He's 17 Or Something?




“There could be everything or anything in this thing. I’m not too sure. I’ve got a few friends with me that could fill it with a few things. Seeing it’s the Claret Jug, I think it’s only right to fill it with red wine first, and good red wine as Phil said. We’ll try to find a good bottle of that tonight somewhere.”





Whoaaaa watch out for Rory! Jager? Crazy party man, I remember my first time drinking!



In all seriousness though, if you hate on Rory right now you’re just being jealous. Can’t get hotter than him. Dumps his girlfriend right before they send out the wedding invites, wins his 3rd major and the one most important to him, cashes a huge payday for his dad, now spends the next week drinking out of a trophy and fucking everything in sight. Stay hot man. Impossible to hate on a heater like that. He can drink Zima out of that thing and I would still want to trade lives with anyone in his crew for a night.





If I was the commissioner of the NFL, NBA, or MLB the very first thing I would do is change the trophy so you can drink out of it. Only way to successfully celebrate a championship.