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"We’re Doing The 9/9/9 challenge And These People May Not Do Great" By Dylan

Ten Contestants left. I believe all 10 will be participating in the 9/9/9 challenge for the Cubs game. I was made for this competition. I’m a big man with a bigger belly and two of my favorite things out there are beers and dogs. I’ll be live tweeting stomach updates for me and my competitors. Honestly, by the looks at these people I’m nervous for the bathrooms. I don’t think everyone will make it through and I am positive someone will throw up. Here are my predictions of who will not fare well in this challenge.

BDS Austin – This is obviously a no brainer. The kid is hilarious but I’m not even sure if he is legally allowed to drink beer. Nobody knows what his condition is but going straight off looks I can’t think of where 9 hot dogs will fit. I wish him the best of luck but I think something terrible is about to happen to him.

Michigan Dave – This kid has been off the fucking walls since we got here. Just running around like a chicken without a head. I’m pretty sure he knows he’s going to suck at this because he keeps asking if everyone is going to actually do it. It’s your choice buddy, follow your heart. But if this kid makes it through all 9, he will be a sight to see during eliminations at 6.

Ohio Tate – Hate him, love him this guy is making noise. I’m positive his back to back to however many backs contests this kid has won will come to an end today. He is my official vote to be throw up guy. Teacher from Ohio who coaches women’s basketball doesn’t strike me as a guy who pounds beers on the reg. I think he will push his body to the limits and wind up spraying the toilets with vom. He will also be a guy you want to keep your eyes on during eliminations.


Sleeper to dominate

Marty Mush – Kid is just an absolute wild card. He got up this morning at 5 AM at the idol house to watch a Japanese baseball game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just started slamming extra hot dogs at some point.

However how you spin it. The majority of us will be at least tipsy during elimination and I am excited to see what chaos ensues.

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