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Spanish Driver Pulled Over By Police And Tests Positive For Every Drug Possible

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A driver in northeastern Spain has tested positive for ‘every possible kind of drug’ after being pulled over by police on Saturday. Police found high levels of cannabis, amphetamines/methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates; as well as alcohol, with a rate of 0,60 mg/l.

Local police told Euronews that a neighbour in the town of Carcastillo called the police saying that “several people were getting in a vehicle influenced by alcoholic beverages.” The driver was fined 1000 euros and had six points deducted from his driver’s license for failing the alcohol test, and another 1000 euros and six points for failing the drugs test.

The vehicle has now been impounded. Although the driver’s condition went against traffic regulations, the number of car-related deaths in the Spanish region of Navarra stands as low as it’s ever been.

Yeah, you can’t do that. It’s one thing to have a little alcohol in your system after a few beers and what not. It’s one thing to smoke a little weed and drive your car. But to test positive for every drug on the goddamn test is almost impressive. The fact that this guy didn’t kill everyone on the road is a miracle. I also feel like this is the standard for European drivers. I feel like things are so relaxed over there that everyone is drunk when you’re driving. I’ve never been to Europe, but that’s the vibe I get for some strange reason.

To be drunk while being high on weed, coked out, on meth, and opiates and thinking “yep, we’re going to drive a car now and it’s going to go swell,” is unreal. All I’m thinking about is Leo from Wolf of Wall Street trying to drive while on quaaludes thinking he didn’t have a scratch on the car. Such a great scene.