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DJ Swearinger Sr. Forces Terrelle Pryor Sr. Into Early Retirement

Terrelle Pryor hasn’t had the easiest career. From a tattoo scandal at OSU to playing for the shit Raiders to changing positions to playing for the shittier Browns to finding a level of success to playing that new position to failing miserably at that new position in Washington to playing for the shittiest Jets while seemingly no longer remembering how to play the new position. You’d think a guy who went through so much would have substantially thicker skin at this point in his life. He’s getting downright bullied by his former team. It’s no wonder he had a down year last season, every time he walked into the lunch room DJ Swearinger probably slapped his tray out of Pryor’s hands.

But it would appear he does not have thick enough skin. If these two dudes were in shorts and t-shirts it still wouldn’t have been a good look for him to flinch. Nevermind the fact that he was wearing a helmet, shoulder pads, has a full 25 lb advantage over Swearinger, and was standing in front of a large group of humans with their phones out. Flinching is the absolute last thing you can do in that scenario and Pryor ducked like he owed him money. This isn’t on par with Aqib Talib’s continued bullying of Michael Crabtree, but the crowd reaction to this punking by Swearinger certainly puts it close. The NFL needs to step in here and take the “Sr.” off Pryor’s jersey and stitch it onto Swearinger’s after this sonning. He’s DJ Swearinger Sr. Sr. now.