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James Harden Named In Police Report For Grabbing A Woman's Phone and Chucking It Off The Roof Of The Club For Filming Him...Phone Survives and She Sells It To TMZ

TMZTMZ Sports has learned … James Harden has been named in a police report filed by a woman who claims she was roughed up by the NBA star at a Scottsdale nightclub — and she has video.

The woman claims she was partying at Mint nightclub on Saturday morning when she claims a member of Harden’s entourage got involved in a fight — and when James noticed she was recording, he grabbed her wrist and snatched her phone before throwing it on the roof so she couldn’t sell the footage to TMZ.

She says at some point Harden noticed she was videotaping the action and demanded that she delete what was recorded. She says Harden said he knew her endgame was to sell the vid to TMZ.

The woman claims Harden threw her phone on the roof of the club, and then a member of Harden’s crew came up to her and offered her $200 for the phone. She took the money, and then she says Harden came up to her and handed her another $300.


The life of the NBA MVP.  Cameras everywhere.  Fans everywhere.  Attention everywhere.  Can’t get a moment to yourself.  Can’t get any privacy.  Can’t fight on the roof of a club without some rubber necker filming you with visions of dollar signs from TMZ dancing in their head.  Best way to deal with it is probably not to fight in the first place.  Second best way is to grab the phone and chuck it off the damn roof.

Well, normally.

Is this the worst luck ever?

We’re told security personnel eventually broke up the fight. When things settled down she climbed up on the roof and retrieved her phone, which was still recording.

Jumper may be wet but phone throwing needs some time in the gym.

At least Harden was kind about it afterwards.

She took the money, and then she says Harden came up to her and handed her another $300.

No word on if that $300 covers her copay for that “wrist injury” but 500 bucks and an altercation with the MVP that somehow survives on video, not a bad night.