Jimmy Butler Would Like You To Know He Is A Grown Ass Man And Is NOT Crying

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Ah social media, the gift that keeps on giving in today’s internet streets. Here Jimmy Butler was, posting an innocent picture about going out with his friends. No big deal right? Sure the caption was a little corny but he probably didn’t even realize he was serving himself up on a platter for the exact comment he got. If you’re Jimmy Butler you can’t be talking about being a leader and showing the lost ones the way given the current climate in MIN right now. I’m all for NBA players clapping back when a troll comes at them on social media, but I’m going to have to say Butler’s response here was weak as hell. Nothing @_dthomas said was untrue, and I’m to believe Butler when he says he doesn’t cry about shit when you can take 2 seconds to Google him and you get….

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It sure as shit seems like Butler has been doing a little bit of crying about his current situation. About how he hates his teammates and they don’t try and blah blah blah. So it’s only natural that if he’s going to post that caption about being a leader and showing the way, that someone is going to bring up Wiggins/Towns, two guys who you could argue are a bit lost one way or another when it comes to certain areas of basketball. Whether it’s effort, or defense, or aggressiveness, there are areas Butler can help. In fact, that was always the plan wasn’t it? To bring Butler in and have him mentor these two young studs.

I also find it sort of weak when an athlete goes “well you show them you have all the answers”. No dude, this guy isn’t saying he has the answers as to how to turn Wiggins/KAT around, but instead he’s begging Butler to actually be a leader and guide them. He wasn’t telling Butler how to be a leader or anything like that, and a response like what Butler gave tells me everything I need to know about his situation in MIN. Pretty sure we can all put stock in the rumors swirling that he’s gone after this year, because why else get so defensive? Certainly not something a grown ass man does ya know? You don’t get that many stories about multiple players if Butler isn’t at least telling his agent how frustrated he is with those two aka crying.

It didn’t surprise me all that much that Butler didn’t sign his extension this summer, the same with Kyrie it would be silly financially to do so. The only problem is the Timberwolves are in a muuuuuch different position than Boston in their respective conference and the possibility of Butler leaving is much greater. I wouldn’t exactly call this a KD level of being triggered online, but Butler was clearly bothered by it. Probably because there is a certain amount of truth in the comment. Based on what has come out this summer, what have we seen from Butler that is what you want from the leader of your team? Again, he wasn’t talking about that in his initial post, but what did he expect people to say. You can’t go all summer having it come out you hate the young cornerstones of your franchise and then say you don’t cry about anything. People have Google. It’s OK to admit your frustrated with how things look, but also be the leader to show them out of it.

Is it possible that we’re looking way too deep into a meaningless Instagram post/comment? Sure, but it’s mid August in the NBA world so what else are we supposed to do exactly? If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I wish I could be a fly on the wall of the Timberwolves locker room this upcoming season. Drama like you read about.