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Guy's Brain Explodes In His Own Head Trying To Figure Out A Clue On $100,000 Pyramid

Absolutely hilarious. Not even close to correct. Guy saw Tim Meadows staring him dead in the eyes and completely forgot who Barack Obama was, is, and will be. Brain didn’t have any idea what was going on. You knew he was cooked when he took that breath after staring at the board for entirely too long. That was not the breath of a confident individual whatsoever. If you zoom in on his head you can actually see his prefrontal cortex melting out of his ears. Immediate Hall of Fame game show fuck up, joining an ever-growing list of people who show up in our lives exactly once for a brief stint before fading away forever.

So typically we don’t ever get to hear from the game show fucker upper. Mostly because, yanno, no one really cares. It’s funny. Your mom will like this clip on Facebook next Thursday and send it to your family group chat. A perfect, short video to get a quick laugh out of even society’s largest misanthrope. But with the social media being such a prominent part of our lives, these people can’t just fade back into obscurity. They now feel inclined to tell their side of the story.

Uhhh, hey dude – chill the fuck out. Exactly zero people watched this video and thought ABC accidentally let the Grand Wizard stumble on the set of their game show. You weren’t going to get doxxed over this. Your HR was never going to send you to sensitivity training because your clue for Obama was Bin Laden. In fact, if you hadn’t tweeted at all no one would have ever even known you were the Evan from this video. Mostly because I didn’t even know the dude in the video’s name was Evan in the first place. This wasn’t about to ignite the next great civil rights movement, you were playing a fucking game show with goddamn The Ladies Man. Take another deep breath and ease up.