A Judge Denied Bond For That Asshole Who Taunted A Bison At Yellowstone Park

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TSG –A federal judge has ordered the continued detention of an Oregon man who was recorded last month taunting a bison in Yellowstone National Park, according to court records. Judge Mark Carman yesterday ruled that Raymond Reinke, 55, would be locked up until an August 23 bench trial at the Yellowstone Justice Center in Wyoming. Reinke, seen at right, has entered a not guilty plea. In denying Reinke bond, Carman ruled that there were no conditions of release that would “reasonably assure the safety of any other person and the community” or guarantee that the Oregon man would show for future court hearings. Declaring that the evidence against Reinke was strong, Carman noted that the defendant faced incarceration if convicted. Additionally, Carman said that Reinke, 55, has a prior criminal record, a history of alcohol or substance abuse, and a lack of stable residence or employment.


I can’t help but think I had something to do with this. I’ve been campaigning hard against this asshole for a few weeks now. I said I wanted the guy to die when he was taunting the innocent bison at Yellowstone Park (which is something I still want) but keeping him in jail until his trial is a good start. I said in my previous blogs about the guy that we can’t have a menace to society like him loose on the streets and the judge listened. Remember how he got in trouble at one park, looked the park rangers in the eye and told them he was headed to a different park to cause more trouble? That’s lunatic shit. It’s a good move to keep him locked up until trial cause there’s never been a bigger flight risk than this guy .


The next move should be to throw away the key. Just keep postponing the trial over and over and over again until he dies of old age. You might be thinking, “Hey Trent, just relax man. All he did was try to fight a bison” but I will not relax. This guy stinks and I won’t let the passage of time change my opinion on the guy. Anybody who taunts a wild animal for fun deserves to be killed by that animal. That was my opinion a couple weeks ago. That’s my opinion today. That’ll be my opinion years from now.