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I'm Not Exactly Sure How I Feel About Joel Embiid Breaking Out The Bicycle Kick During Some Random Pick Up Soccer Game In Cameroon

Alright so I guess there are two ways of looking at this. On one hand, you could say it’s a great sign that Joel Embiid feels so comfortable with his health that he’d even attempt a bicycle kick whilst playing soccer on a dirt hill in Cameroon in the middle of August. On the other hand, you could say that if somehow Joel Embiid managed to hurt himself a month before the start of training camp because he decided to do this..

…that maybe it would be time to cancel sports forever. This guy knows that every time he hits the floor, the entire city of Philadelphia collectively holds their breath waiting to see him get up and make sure that he’s okay. And here he is just posting this shit to Instagram to give everybody a nice mini heart attack to start their work week. With that being said–I may not be the biggest soccer guy in the world but I feel confident in saying the world may never see a more majestic bicycle kick attempt. Maybe Sam’s Army can back me up for confirmation here but even without making contact on the ball, that was some glorious shit right there from JoJo. That’s 7 feet of pure greatness right there. Guys that size shouldn’t be able to move like that. But Joel Embiid isn’t human. He’s some beautiful little nimble giant baby. And for that, he can do whatever he wants. I just hope he phases the bicycle kick out of his game a little bit as we get closer to the season.