Tiger Woods Fans Continue To Embarrass Themselves Saying He's Back Before He's Won Anything

When you lock up 2nd place

So I just read that blog that Riggs wrote about how I’m panicking because I know Tiger is back. About how I’m stepping up my troll game because I’m nervous and I know the Tiger bashing window is closing. Listen the only reason I’m seemingly talking more about how Tiger Woods isn’t back is because Tiger Woods fanboys like Old Googly Eyes and Frankie Borelli won’t shut up about him. Peacocking it around social media like he won the god damn tournament. Umm fellas he lost by 2 strokes to the guy who has won 3 of the last 7 majors he’s played in. Tiger pulled within 1 shot of him and then basically knocked one into the creek while Brooks Koepka grinded his teeth and made 2 birdies in a row. The result was no fluke. The better player won. Now did Tiger play good? Yes. Is it more fun when he’s involved? Yes. Will ratings be higher? Absolutely. But quit saying arguably the greatest golfer of all time is back when he still hasn’t won anything and won’t even have a chance to win another major until 2019. Bottomline another year passed and it was another goose egg for Tiger. So Old Googly eyes and all his fanboys can just calm down. The clearest sign Tiger isn’t even close to back is he is doing his mythical fist pumps after already being eliminated from the tournament. That ain’t back fellas. That’s just happy to be at the party.

Instead of everybody sucking Tigers dick we should be celebrating the greatness that is Brooks Koepka. And I’m not just saying that because I once went on a double date with him or because I hate Tiger Woods. This man just joined Jack Nicholous, Tiger Woods, and Jordan Speith as the youngest human to ever win 3 majors and NOBODY is talking about him. Respect the damn game. If and when Tiger wins I’ll be the first one in line to say I’m wrong like I always do. But 2nd place is the first loser unless you are a loser. So let’s just shut up about how he’s back until he actually is back.