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Ronald Guzman Might Be The Yankees Number One Killer...Ever

Ronald Guzman has 14 career at bats against the New York Yankees, all this year. Ronald Guzman has six fucking home runs against the Yankees in those 14 at bats. He’s a rookie and a goddamn monster. He doesn’t do this against anyone else. He only has 12 homers on the year (career), but when he sees the Yankees on the other side he turns into Ken Griffey Jr. His quote after the game cemented himself as a Yankee villain.

“I never liked the Yankees growing up. I mean it’s just the fact that every Dominican Yankees fan is so loud that they talk so much. Now I know they might hate me right now, but I’m happy about it.”


Son of a bitch, I respect that quote so much. Hey, I’ve got a plan! Let’s maybe stop pitching to this guy?

Whether it was Guzman, Odor, Choo, Andrus, or Beltre the Yankees pitching couldn’t get anyone out on Friday night. Masahiro Tanaka had his worst start since Baltimore on June 2nd. The six earned runs charged to him were the most since in Boston on April 11th. He served up three homers and was left in the game way too long. Regardless, in place of Tanaka came in A.J. Cole who stunk. Chad Green relieved him and was bad. He’s got a 6.75 ERA over his 12 innings, giving up 16 hits in the process. He’s tried to incorporate a changeup to the repertoire but it’s a work in progress. Chad has gone through so big struggles over the last month, as his slider has ben rendered useless. It’s not good.

By the time those three were done pitching the Rangers had racked up 12 runs. The Yankees scored seven runs which should win you a game every time, but the pitching was atrocious last night. Can’t be giving up 12 to the Rangers. Can’t do it.

Hopefully the horse that is Lance Lynn can get things back on track today. The red hot Neil Walker is back in the lineup after oddly sitting out Friday night. He’ll be in right today, but Shane Robinson has snuck his way back in the lineup, playing center today. Jesus Christ, Clint Frazier can you please get fucking healthy please? If not, then why aren’t we grabbing a 4th outfielder right now? It’s insane how much Shane Robinson has played on a team that is on pace for 100 wins. It’s fucking nonsense.

P.S. No one will ever knock off David Ortiz as the number one Yankee killer….unless Ronald Guzman moves to the AL East and starts getting a billion at bats against them.