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PornHub Gave Kanye A Lifetime Premium Membership After His Appearance On Kimmel

Shake my damn head. The rich get richer. Kanye West doesn’t need a lifetime premium membership from PornHub! Kanye West goes home to this every night!

I’m not saying married men don’t watch porn. I’m sure they watch their fair share of it but I am saying I’d watch a whole lot less porn if my wife was Kim Kardashian. Say what you will about Kim Kardashian but she’s a top-notch looking woman. She’s super hot. My good friend Young Pageviews once put it perfectly. Kim Kardashian is a lot like LeBron James. You can hate a lot of things about LeBron James and the things he does off the court but when he waves everybody off and decides to do his thing on the court, few people in history have done it better.

Kim Kardashian is the same way. You can hate a lot of things about Kim and the things she does but when she decides to wave everybody off and post a picture like this on Instagram

Few people in history have done it better.

I’m sure Kim and Kanye aren’t having sex 24/7/365 and there are times when Kanye just needs to relieve a little stress so he takes himself out to dinner on PornHub. I’m just upset that Kanye West now has a lifetime premium membership to PornHub on top of already having everything. It’s like when celebrities go to award shows and get those gift bags that are worth $50,000. They don’t need that. Give that to me. Give me the gift bags and lifetime premium PornHub memberships.