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The Happiness Benchmark Map Shows How Much Money You Need To Be Happy In All 50 States



(Source) Short’s analysis found that if you live in a place like Hawaii, where the cost of living is relatively high, you need to make $122,175 per year before some extra cash doesn’t really translate into more happiness. In Mississippi, by comparison, the threshold at which more money stops making you happier is a lot lower: $65,850 per year. How much money do you need to make in your state before more money doesn’t really make you all that happier? We created a map so you could find out.


Cheap ass happiness motherfuckers. Love this map. I went out to California over the 4th for vacation and all I heard from every single person was how much everything in their life costs. 1 bedroom apartment in San Fran going for 3,600 a month. Houses in the ghetto starting at a million dollars. For what? So you can look at the ocean and wait for the big earthquake to kill you? Sounds fucking sweet. And then on the other side of the country you’ve got people in New York City who live in a box, walk around in streets full of trash and actively spend their summers trying to get away from said cardboard box that sucks away all their savings. My favorite New York justification is “My rent includes the City, we pay for the City”. Because no one else in the world has a city. And I’m sure this will become a bash the midwest blog pretty quickly but I’m ok with that. Because anyone who lives in the middle of the country knows the way to live. Yeah we’re a little overweight, yeah our winters last 10 months a year, but you give me 2 months of Sunny Wrigley, a Lake you can swim in for 2 weeks and a life that doesn’t cost me a zillion dollars and I’ll be perfectly happy.




This map fundamentally doesn’t make sense by the way. Happiness plateau where more money doesn’t make you happier? Huh?  When does more money stop making you happier? Fucked up logic. Can never have enough money, ever. Being rich is the coolest thing anyone can ever do.