Dwyane Wade Is In The "Try To Make Your Ex Jealous" Part Of His Breakup, Becomes Best Friends With A Dolphin. Also Pat Riley Is Not Doing So Hot





Hey Lebron, Kyrie Irving is pretty cool, but is he a DOLPHIN! Haaaaaa. #MensVacay all up in your face you idiot. #DolphinFever



Oh and how about these shirts D-Wade made for himself. Just keep telling yourself things are going to be ok and that you picked “your city” and I’m sure everything will work out for you Dwyane. Everyone knows if it’s on a shirt it must be true. Old Hockey Trick.




And on the flip side of the coin, Pat Riley has legit aged 20 years in the past week and a half.  I can respect a man that just says fuck it and gives up. He’ll probably be dead by New Years.





h/t George