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Cheers To Philly: The Greatest Sports Power Hour Is Here To Start Your Weekend


Good vibes all around. After a delightful intro re-affirming that everyone hates us, 60+ minutes of the greatest moments from Philly sports history begins to play “for all you dopey, way over the line, unwatchable, classless, sick, animalistic freaks”. Forget butterflies… watching it gave me, like, the Eagles…

…and maybe a strong buzz. The clips aren’t all exactly one minute, but an icon pops up reminding you when to drink. (Phew.) I reached out to the creators, @Delcodelphia, run by Brendan Feeney, Eric Quinn & Michael Cloran from the magical, Philly-adjacent land of Delco. From Cloran, who does the video editing:

I tried to get the obvious ones in there (championships, signature plays), but the ones I love most are the small ones people might forget about. Charlie Manuel touching noses with an umpire (35:00), Buddy Ryan running up the score on the Cowboys (29:45), and Aaron Rowand breaking his nose for a fly ball (43:14) are the things true fans remember that really take them back.

The guys first made a Philly power hour three years ago, but felt it needed to be updated after “recent events”. They were inspired by John Gallagher‘s back in 2011. As a final note, I asked Cloran if he had a suggested drink or time to watch:

I don’t recommend any booze in particular, but I have done this a few times. It’s a great thing to do late at night when you’re already hammered and back from the bar with some friends, or a great way to pregame.