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Despite Reports, I'm Not Buying The Fact That President Trump Chews And Eats Sensitive Documents In The Oval Office

President Trump Meets With Cancer Patient Don Bouvet


Not buying it, fellas. Just not buying that the President of the United States takes documents of a sensitive nature, puts them in his mouth piece by piece, chews, swallows, and continues on with his day. Is it a brilliant plan to get rid of information that you never want to see the light of day? Absolutely. But, with as crazy as the Mueller team is, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Trump’s poop gets subpoenaed for document reconstruction.

Has forensic science reached the point where they can reconstruct documents after the President’s stomach acids and enzymes have completed their breakdown processes? I’m not sure. That’s up for the jury to decide if the case ever gets that far. Because, honestly, I’m not sure if executive privilege extends to the toilet or not. That will be for the courts and the Justice Department. Stay locked in, everybody. It’s a news dump Friday. No telling what’s gonna come out next or if will even be readable when it does come out (of the colon).