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Seahawks Rookie Shaquem Griffin Had 4 Straight Tackles On His First Defensive Drive As A Pro And Ended Up Leading All Players In Tackles




Well would you look at that. The guy that was discounted all his life because he had one hand but still played like a beast in college and helped lead UCF to a National Championship* last year picked up right where he left off in his first NFL preseason game. What a shocker! And it’s not like Griffin performed like a Barstool blogger in the Combine. Quite the opposite actually.


What a fucking stud. Yes I know it was just one preseason game and all that nonsense that the Well Actually crowd likes to say. But the Seahawks do have a decent track record of picking guys that slipped in the NFL Draft for reasons that didn’t include on-field performance and Griffin has a decent track record at being an awesome football player. So seeing Shaquem pile up tackles while also silencing a few more critics was one of the best parts about football returning last night, even if Griffin doesn’t play for your team. The rich get richer I suppose.

*Yes I call UCF the National Champion because I hate the NCAA in general and you have to respect a school that has taken it as far as UCF has taken it with championship banners and rings